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About Solar X Energy

we offer green technologies from the ACt to Sydney NSW

We are a solar company who understand the importance of quality, reliability and honesty. With energy prices set to increase by 50% over the next two years now is the time to get solar.

Did you know that with a solar panel installation on your home or business, you can harness the power of the sun to create your own energy and start saving money on your energy bills or even eliminate your bill entirely. We live in Australia, “The sunburnt” country as some would say, here in Australia we see anywhere from 3.8 – 6.3 hours of peak sunshine on average so why not take advantage of that. With good quality solar panels and inverters you can make the most of our sunshine to keep the cost of living down in these uncertain times.

OUR Solar Services

Tailored solutions for every need, from home to business, batteries to off-grid, we power possibilities!


Home Solar

Discover the power of a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution with Solar X Energy’s Home Solar service. No two homes are the same, and neither are their energy needs. We specialise in crafting custom solar systems designed exclusively for your residence


Off Grid

Experience a new level of freedom with Solar X’s Off-Grid service. Our solutions liberate you from the constraints of traditional energy sources, allowing you to thrive in remote locations or simply live off the grid. We specialise in crafting robust and sustainable off-grid systems that cater to your unique energy needs.


Commercial Solar

Solar X Energy takes your business to new heights with our cutting-edge Commercial Solar service. Say goodbye to hefty energy bills and embrace a sustainable, cost-effective power solution tailored for commercial spaces.

Solar Batteries

Experience uninterrupted power with Solar X’s cutting-edge Solar Batteries service. We understand that energy needs don’t always align with the sun’s schedule, so we provide a seamless solution to store excess energy for when you need it most.

Solar Installation in New South Wales

Tailored Solar Solutions: Your Unique Energy Revolution Awaits

At Solar X there is no one size fits all, we custom design and plan a specific system that will cater for your needs whether it be reducing your bill significantly or eliminating it completely we have the solution for you. Your thoughts and questions around solar are important to us which is why we complete an on site inspection to ensure we understand what it is that you are hoping to achieve.

Honesty, quality and reliability are the core of our business model. In the Solar industry it is no secret that it is a very competitive market, with companies telling you all about different products, brands, quality and so on, it gets confusing, it gets overwhelming, trust me. Our team here at Solar X Energy strives to deliver a stress-free and seamless process from start to finish. Pick up the phone and give one of our friendly staff a call today!

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