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Dive into the future with Solar X Energy and Solar Power. Harness the limitless power of the sun and transform your energy consumption. Say goodbye to high bills and hello to sustainable savings. It's time to lead the charge towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow!

Chase the Sunset, Not Your Energy Bills!

Pure, Green, Smart

Experience the magic of solar energy as it transforms your home into an eco-friendly haven. Enjoy the financial freedom that comes with reducing your carbon footprint. Let the sun set on expensive bills and rise on a sustainable, cost-effective lifestyle.

Harmony in Every Ray!

Reliable & Affordable

Elevate your living with Solar Power from Solar X Energy. Immerse yourself in the symphony of solar power, where efficiency meets elegance. We bring harmony to your energy needs, seamlessly blending sustainability with style. Join the solar revolution and let your energy choices resonate with a greener, cleaner planet.

ABOUT Solar X Energy

We’re the #1 solar energy provider in THE ILLAWARRA!

Solar X Energy is more than a company – we’re your energy partner, dedicated to transforming the way you power your life. Join us in the movement towards sustainable living, where every interaction is designed to illuminate a brighter, cleaner future. Your journey to energy freedom starts here!
Experience a seamless journey with Solar X Energy, where we go beyond selling products to provide smart solar solutions. Our commitment extends from the initial quote through to the delivery and installation phases, ensuring a professional and personalised service. Discover the freedom of energy independence with our expert teams by your side.

From solar panels to advanced batteries and off-grid systems, Solar X Energy provides personalised energy solutions that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle.


Our expert teams in the Illawarra ensure a smooth journey toward energy independence, offering professional and personalised service at every step, from the initial quote to the final installation.


As your energy partners in the Illawarra, Solar X Energy is more than a company; we're catalysts for change. Join us in transforming the way you power your home, contributing to a cleaner, brighter future in the Illawarra.

What we offer

We Offer whole range of Solar Energy services

At Solar X Energy, we offer a comprehensive range of sustainable energy solutions, including custom-designed solar systems, cutting-edge batteries, and off-grid installations. Elevate your home or business with our tailored services, bringing innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to a greener future.
At Solar X Energy, our installation service is more than just a technicality – it’s a commitment to seamless and professional execution. Our expert teams bring precision and care to every installation, ensuring that your custom-designed solar system, batteries, or off-grid solution is seamlessly integrated into your home or business. Trust us to turn your vision of sustainable energy into a reality, with installation services that prioritise efficiency, reliability, and your peace of mind.
At Solar X Energy, our commitment extends beyond installation with our top-notch maintenance service. We prioritise the longevity and efficiency of your solar system, batteries, or off-grid solution. Our dedicated teams provide regular check-ups and swift, reliable maintenance to ensure your sustainable energy solution continues to shine, delivering optimal performance for years to come.
Solar Panel
At Solar X Energy, our battery service is a game-changer in energy independence. We offer cutting-edge solar battery solutions designed to store and provide power when you need it most. Whether you’re looking to enhance grid resilience or achieve off-grid living, our advanced battery systems deliver reliability, efficiency, and a sustainable approach to powering your home or business. Empower your energy future with Solar X Energy – where innovation meets lasting performance.

How To Get Better Results

At Solar X Energy, our seamless three-step process simplifies your journey to sustainable energy. Begin with a personalised initial consult where we understand your unique needs, smoothly transition to system ordering tailored to your specifications, and finally, experience hassle-free installation by our expert teams – making your switch to solar an effortless and rewarding transformation.

Consult Our Expert Team

At Solar X Energy, our initial consult is a personalised exploration, where our experts meticulously understand your energy needs, ensuring a tailored solar solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Ordering Your Equipments

At Solar X Energy, ordering your system is a straightforward, customer-centric process, allowing you to select and customise the perfect solar equipment to meet your specific energy requirements with ease.

Solar Panel Installation

At Solar X Energy, our installation service is a meticulous and professional endeavor, ensuring the seamless integration of your customised solar system, batteries, or off-grid solution into your home or business, bringing your sustainable energy vision to life.
We offer diferent services

Why choose us

Embark on a journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future with Solar X Energy. Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our service, from tailored solutions that prioritise efficiency to expert consultations ensuring informed decisions. As you explore the Solar X Energy advantage, you’ll find our streamlined ordering process and hassle-free experience simplify the transition to solar. Trust our professional installation service to seamlessly integrate your customised system, bringing lasting performance to your home or business. Join us and experience the Solar X Energy difference as we illuminate your path toward energy innovation and independence.

Tailored Solutions, Maximum Efficiency:

Elevate your energy experience with Solar X Energy’s customised solutions, meticulously designed to meet your unique needs. We prioritise efficiency, ensuring your solar system, batteries, or off-grid solution delivers optimal performance tailored specifically for you.

Streamlined Ordering, Hassle-Free Experience:

Our ordering process at Solar X Energy is a seamless journey, offering a range of high-quality solar equipment tailored to your specifications. Enjoy a hassle-free experience as you select and customise the perfect components for your energy needs.

Expert Consultations for Informed Decisions:

Benefit from our personalised initial consults, where our seasoned experts take the time to understand your energy goals. Make informed decisions about your sustainable future with Solar X Energy, guided by professionals dedicated to your satisfaction.

Professional Installation, Lasting Performance:

Trust Solar X Energy for a professional and meticulous installation service, ensuring your solar system seamlessly integrates into your home or business. Our expert teams bring precision to every step, guaranteeing lasting performance and a smooth transition to sustainable energy.
Thanks to Holly for all her helpful advice and follow up. Holly is a huge asset to Solar X Energy and made the pre installation and installation process streamlined and hassle free. We have now enjoyed over a month with our new system and are very happy with our purchase. We find the Fronius app super helpful and informative of production and usage. Thanks again Holly and we would certainly recommend you and your company to anyone wanting to upgrade or install a solar system. Heather and Kerry
Brody Bowman
Brody Bowman
Holly has been fantastic, the whole experience has been super easy as Holly and the installers are very knowledgeable and informative. After service care is amazing also! It’s only been a couple of weeks but we can already see the benefits. Totally recommend this company for anyone looking into solar.
Jorge Cataldo
Jorge Cataldo
Great people to deal with great service no fuss great workmanship thanks guys very happy with the job
Peter M
Peter M
Consultant Holly is an absolute pleasure to deal with being both incredibly knowledgeable and entirely trustworthy. I set the bar high initially as aspects of our early interactions were an absolute test of integrity, (on purpose), -> all passed with flying colours. We were able to source the very first, (new), model of a premium quality Australian designed and made battery system to complement our top notch dual array, (European) and supreme Austrian Inverters x 2. Upon Installation I witnessed Dan, technician par excellence, plotting every technical and quality control aspect via a high resolution security camera. (occasional glance @ monitor). As one who has spent a lifetime employed as an expert technician across many disciplines, I was suitably impressed with Dans meticulous, precision approach. He is also a very nice gentleman indeed. This expert team perform like no other in their respective roles. This is the second day after the install and we are still just as excited as we were during the initial consultation. Holly and Dan set the diamond standard for quality service delivery in 2023. Thank you so much Solar X.
Sharon Bartle
Sharon Bartle
Fantastic professional commutative staff. My solar system was up and running exactly when planned. I saw on the Solar Energy App that was set up for me, same day, the solar supplying solar power to the houses and giving back power to the grid. It was more effective than I had imagined. I highly recommend this business. Thank you Holly and all the staff.
Jack and Jessica Richardson
Jack and Jessica Richardson
Thank you Holly! We were so impressed with her personable nature and transparency. She also completed all the administrative tasks, making it very easy to have solar installed. She also was good at crunching and explaining all of the numbers to do with the solar panels in a way that developed trust and was realistic to our personal situation. Secondly, Dan the electrician was the most efficient tradie I’ve ever met, is incredibly hard working and finished our job in a timely manner.
Jonnie Farrell
Jonnie Farrell
We're so thrilled with the experience of working with Holly & the team at Solar X Energy. Holly went over and above to explain all of our options and build the best plan that would suit our needs. The team used the best quality components and we've been generating an epic amount of power ever since ⚡️ We haven't used a single Kw from the grid since install. Highly recommend working with Solar X Energy if you're looking to go solar.
Jason Matthew
Jason Matthew
Holly was really great and so was Dan the installer. Highly recommend kept everything running smoothly and kept us up too date on everything
Rebecca Vitnell
Rebecca Vitnell
Machiel Berghuis
Machiel Berghuis
Excellent service, prompt, efficient, took time over explaining sections particularly technical topics.